Wednesday, September 9, 2009

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On March 25th 1911 a terrible tragedy happened. A fire broke out at the Triangle Factory, which ended the lives of 146 working women. Some of these women were as young as fifteen years old and most of them were immigrants. The survivors were left with the agonizing memories of what happened that sad afternoon.

98 years later classes 805 & 806 attended a chalking event in lower east side Manhattan. We took the trip in memory of all the triangle factory fire victims. Before we went on the trip we decided to do our research, and what we found out wasn’t pretty. Those women had been working under terrible conditions. During the fire, the only safety measures they had was 27 buckets of water and a fire escape, which eventually collapsed. The doors were locked, and people were trying to escape any way possible. Most of them jumped nine stories to their death below, and the rest slowly burned inside the building.

If the working conditions hadn’t been so gruesome, maybe more girls would have survived the fire. We thought that the working conditions would have improved by now, and they have, but there is still so much more we can do. Its been 98 years and companies such as Walmart, Nike, and Adidas still have people working under appalling circumstances. Our two classes have learned a lot about the over worked and under paid workers in those factories and have created the following images of satire, poetry interpretations, interviews, and campaign letters to express our feelings on those horrendous companies and their factories. Hope you enjoy.

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-Yasmerlin & Melissa
Class 805

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